Welcome to the first installment of The Ne Timeas Did You Know? In these series, we’ll spotlight the seasonal ingredients that are being used at the Ne Timeas restaurants as well as the history behind the ingredients and more.
Here to get things rolling are…



Truffles from flour+water

These little nuggets of fungus are actually a fancy, delicious treat packed with tremendous flavor and aroma! They are found down under the soil in between the roots of trees and are only found by the distinct nose of female pigs and truffle dogs. Not only are these prized treasures hard to find, but are only seasonal due to their unique maturity phase. Making truffles a true gem in the culinary world!



Squashes from central kitchen

Big or small, wide or thin, these uniquely shaped fruits packed with tons of flavor and nutrients! A true delicacy to have as the flavor varies from season to season, squashing away all competition. They are often treated and used as vegetables for their one-of-a-kind flavor and texture when roasted, toasted, or pureed in dishes they are featured in. Making squash a versatile ingredient sought out by chefs and cooks all over the world!





Hoshigaki persimmons from Aatxe

Persimmons are vibrant colored fruits, and hoshigaki persimmons are a delicacy in the making!  The process of turning persimmons into hoshigaki, takes patience and the drying of fruits to a whole new level! It all begins with peeling freshly picked persimmons with stem left intact until bare. Then the persimmons are hanged for 5 days to dry. The next step, is to gently hand massage each persimmon every few days for several weeks until the surface of the fruit is naturally covered with a light coat of sugar. And for those wondering this one of a kind art dates back hundreds of years to Japan the land of the rising sun!

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