Welcome to The Ne Timeas Nine. In these series, we’ll spotlight members of the NTRG team by asking them nine questions about food, work, life, and everything in between!


Anika Ahlberg, Retail Buyer of Salumeria

 1. As a retail buyer of one Ne Timeas restaurants, Salumeria. What is one of your fondest memory working here? The shop can get super hot in the late summer months and I remember Emerald – Former General Manager of Central Kitchen – buying us all popsicles and it’s-it’s ice cream sandwiches on days where we were sweating bullets. Also I hate to say it, but Tony digging up early aughts radio hook deep cuts and belting them out on the regular, whether people wanted to listen to it at the moment or not.

2. What is your favorite off-time activity? Walking.

3. Rumor has it you founded an artist-run mobile gallery in San Francisco, called 24k Studios! What made you come up with that idea and what can you say other artists that wish to follow in your foot-step? High rent will make you do all sorts of peculiar things! My best friend and collaborator Lidija Ristic and I were compelled by different ad hoc approaches to making and exhibiting artwork – truck galleries aren’t a necessarily new concept, but lack of space in the city and an eagerness to represent work that we love and as the artists we are interested in is something we wish to do no matter what. Also I strongly suggest that no one follow in my footsteps.

4. Motto? Motto are for institutions and the self-help economy!

5. Happiest food moment? Many-course Santa Lucia dinner with my family and neighbors  while growing up. In a classically gruesome medieval tale, Saint Lucy was supposedly martyred by having her eyes removed, and I always found it particularly poignant that Nordic countries would celebrate her with most reverence, around the solstice – the darkest times of the year on earth. I’m a firm believer that food can really be sublime after or during trying times. Plus – gravlax. Mmmmmm~

6. What is your go-to snack? Tea and cereal.

7. What is your favorite flavor of Ice cream? Humphry Slocombe’s malted milk chocolate with hot fudge on top!

8. Favorite hidden gem within the city? Prelinger Library – a public library of Megan and Rick Prelinger located in SOMA that’s an archive of tens of thousands of books and print ephemera with no Dewey Decimal or card cataloging system, all categorized by notion, idea, or historical category. They’re open 1 and 1/2 days a week.

9. What is the worst job you have ever had? I feel very fortunate that I’ve had pretty alright jobs and have learned a lot about myself from all of them. I’ve worked with some unsavory people and corporations with regrettable ad campaigns, though. Will the greater Boston metropolitan area ever be rid of phonetic Boston accent spellings on their billboards? Only time will tell.

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