Welcome to The Ne Timeas Nine. In these series, we’ll spotlight members of the NTRG team by asking them nine questions about food, work, life, and everything in between!


Erin Riordan, Events Coordinator of Ne Timeas Restaurant Group

1. As a Event Coordinator of Ne Timeas Restaurant Group. What is one of your fondest memory working here? I have only been with Ne Timeas for 4 months, and have already had many good times. We throw some awesome events at the Hall, which are always hard work, but very fun! My favorite, so far would have to be Star Chefs.

2. Rumor has it you are in a band! What instrument do you play and what type of music do you often jam to? I am in a band, The Quietmen! We are an 8 piece Irish Rock Band, and play all over the city. At home I play guitar and a bit of piano, but in the band I am instrument free on lead vocals. My husband/band mate and I write most of the songs right in our living room.

3. What’s one meal you prepared that you are most proud? I cannot think of a specific instance, but I make a mean platter of enchiladas verdes!

4. Happiest food moment? There’s nothing like a big dinner at home, when the food is bountiful, the wine is flowing and the company is good.

5. What brought you to SF? The city itself. I moved here 7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up, I use to visit the bay area in the summertime. Over the years, I fell in love with the unique diversity this part of the world has to offer. Incredible beaches, camping, forests, farms, hiking, art, music, food, wine, beer, etc, all in one place! I was sold.

6. It seems that recently beer is on the rise, how can you best help us understand the difference between all the types of beer – IPA, pale ale, stout, porter, etc?  All of the types of beer? That’s a long list. From american pale ales to wildly fermented lambics there are endless possibilities when it comes to beer styles. Brewers, much like cooks and wine makers, are artists. There is a vast variety of malts, yeasts, hops, and additives(fruit/herbs/spice) that brewers can choose from when brewing. So, while there are 2 main categories of beer (ales and lagers), there are many many styles. Plus, new styles being created, everyday.

7. Favorite mid-night snack? A cold piece of fruit out of the fridge.

8. What is the worst job you have ever had? When I was 16 years old, my best friend and I were hired by a pool cleaning company, for the summer. We drove house to house in the Arizona heat, cleaning/maintaining pools. As, “pool girls” we were paid $6 a pool… share. It was absolute robbery, but we swam is gorgeous pools and laughed a lot!

9. Ideal food to have when you’re sick?  Hot and sour soup is medicinal.

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