Welcome to The Ne Timeas Nine. In these series, we’ll spotlight members of the NTRG team by asking them nine questions about food, work, life, and everything in between!


Kate Michels, Director of Sales and Marketing of the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group

1. As the Director of Sales and Marketing Ne Timeas Restaurant Group, what is one of your fondest memory working here? I have worked at Ne Timeas Restaurant Group for nearly 3.5 years. I have seen this company change and grow. It is truly remarkable. I have two memories that stand out. The first would be the day we launched Chef Thomas McNaughton’s cookbook. I had heard writing a cookbook was challenging, but to see the time, effort and details that went into the book and then to finally hold the first copy was truly inspiring. Also, we threw a pretty awesome party in NYC at the Spotted Pig to kick it off! The second would be the night we opened Aatxe, Chef Ryan Pollnow is an incredible chef and to watch the moment someone’s dream came true and to be apart of that creation even in a small way is incredible.

2. So far, what is the best thing you have eaten in San Francisco? That is a tough one! I love everything, but I dream about the beef tongue buns at Liholiho Yacht Club.

3. Happiest food moment? My happiest food moment was my first time at The French Laundry. I took my dad for his 70th birthday and it was a truly amazing experience, they think of everything! A nap is definitely needed after.

4. Rumor has it you are about to get married! Who’s the lucky guy and where on Earth did you meet him? Ha! I am! I met my fiance Alex over a super classy brunch at Circa (now The Dorian) in San Francisco. I believe bottomless mimosas were $15 per person, lol.

5. Your guilty pleasure – is there one? That is a toss up between reality TV (I am a sucker for Real Housewives) and cheese. I would die if I suddenly became dairy free 🙂

6. Where is home for you? I grew up in Livermore (in the East Bay), moved to Santa Barbara for College and moved back to San Francisco in 2007 to begin my career. I now live in Pacific Heights.

7. What brought you to SF? The first would be my family. My dad still lives in Livermore and I wanted to be closer to him and the second would be a job. I had signed a contract for my first job out of college the November prior to graduation, so I was locked in even before I graduated!

8. Hidden talent that has nothing to do with food? In the words of Robin Williams “I do voices” – You will have to ask me to show you 🙂

9. What is the worst job you have ever had? Oh boy! My first job out of college was an auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and as a first year associate you have to go out on random inventories as a third party observer. Most associates did 1 inventory audit ever. I was scheduled for 3 in the course of six months. My favorite story was when I had to identify the weight of steel piles in Oakland. It was six guys would stand around a steel pile and decide how many tons it was and then we would sit a conference and argue about how many tons it was just by looking at it. I was a fish out of water to say the least 🙂

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