Welcome to The Ne Timeas Nine. In these series, we’ll spotlight members of the NTRG team by asking them nine questions about food, work, life, and everything in between!


Shelby Krause, General Manager of Aaxte

1. Where is home for you? How did you end up in San Francisco? Home is and will always be where my parents live, however, I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago! I made my way out west when I left for college to Arizona. After graduation, I moved out to Orange Country and later took the chance on a great opportunity to move up to San Francisco!

2. As a General Manager of one Ne Timeas restaurants, Aatxe. What is one of your fondest memory working here? Getting the opportunity to open a restaurant with a few of my closest friends! Being able to be apart of the team that created such a wonderful place, is truly an experience I’ll never forget!

3. Rumor has it you are a level two sommelier! What spiked your interest in wine and what is your one piece of advice for someone looking to learn more about wine? Being involved in the restaurant industry for the past 12 years, I always found myself gravitating to the education around wine. It became an evolving passion that continued to grow as soon as I made the move to San Francisco. I always thrive on personal & professional growth and taking both the level 1 and level 2 sommelier test became an immediate challenge that I had take. If I had to give one piece of advice it would be to stay focused and positive. People always asked me “what happens if you don’t pass the test”, and my only response was “that’s not going to happen”. I remained positive in my whole journey and it really helped me in the long run! 🙂

4. What is your wine list within the city? Hmm…I don’t have just one favorite, but pretty much anywhere that has some delicious Champagne and Riesling offerings. I prefer places that have more esoteric wines that cant be found as easily!

5. Happiest food moment? I have way too many happy food moments to even keep track of, but one moment that I continue to feel just as excited about even after my countless visits, would be the moment I take a bite of a Kouign Amann from B Patisserie! It’s pretty much the best damn thing I’ve ever tasted!

6. Where do you see yourself in 20 years? That is a huge question! Personally, I hope to be married with children and dogs of course! Professionally, I really don’t know. I continue to ask myself that question, but instead I figured I’d just enjoy each day as it comes and see where this crazy life journey takes me!

7. How do you get around the city? My car! I’m a suburban girl at heart and I love the idea of just getting in my car and being able to drive anywhere I want, whenever I want!

8. Ideal vacation? Sunshine, good company, and of course amazing food and wine! Now, if you’re asking me where’s one place I’ve been wanting to vacation to, I would answer with Spain, Italy, & Champagne! I have that vacation itch that I’ll be acting on much more this coming year!

9. What is the worst job you have ever had? I’ve been pretty fortunate of taking on jobs that I’ve ultimately liked, however, I have encountered that one job where the managers are jerks, don’t respect their employees, and no one likes working there. I won’t say names, but places don’t get a bad reputation for nothing! The best thing I got from this job was the friendships I made and continue to have! 🙂

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