DAVID WHITE, founding partner

Where are you from originally? Abbeyleix, County Laoise, Ireland.

What brought you to San Francisco? An airplane.

What’s the story behind the “Ne Timeas” name? It’s my family’s crest. It’s Latin. It means “fear not.”

Look back to the beginning–is Ne Timeas as it is now what you expected it to become? Absolutely not. We were very focused on one restaurant. We had conversations about bigger things, but we never contemplated it as it now.

You used to oversee all of NTRG’s wine programs, and you mentored the group’s current Wine Director. What sparked your interest in wine? At one time I wanted to be a wine professional. I was on a path to be a somm. Studying, going to tasting groups, just developing myself as a front-of-house person. When I had the chance to open my own business, I diverted my attentions, but I’m thrilled that [Wine Director] Sam Bogue is overseeing wine at all of the restaurants and doing such a great job.

What’s your happiest food moment? Making gravy with my mother, about ten years old. Sunday roast. She taught me how to make gravy from the pan juices. I remember it vividly. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? Nothing. I wanted to travel the world. I was very interested in other cultures.

What’s your dream day off? There are more than one. There are me days–going snowboarding with my buddies or something–and there are family days.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? When I first moved here, I got a consulting job downtown. Typical corporate America. It was just awful. Gray people, gray suits, in a gray building. I quit after two days.

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