Bees Will Be Bees


Left to their own devices, honeybees will take matters into their own hands, err… mandibles. The large colony atop F+W on 20th Street proved this over the course of more than a year without interventions from pesky beekeepers. When we peeked in on them August 1 their defensive behavior seemed to say, “We don’t need your help, thank you very much”, but their combs would suggest otherwise. This colony is big, occupying at least 15 frames in their large golden hive. (The frames in a golden hive are 18” deep x 15” wide). Their combs were crossed and dense, which makes inspections impossible because the frames are attached to each other and cannot be removed without destroying their carefully constructed living space. We were able to pull one full frame of honey though, which went straight to the F+W kitchen, then onto some desserts and cheese plates. The rest of the hive will need some deep intervention – the bees clearly could do without that, but if we want to keep tabs on their health and take the occasional honey surplus, their combs will need to be put back on vertical planes. I’ll bring an extra supply of patience for the task, and hope the bees won’t mind the collaboration too much.
#golden hive#F+W#20th Street

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