Ne Timeas Offsite Events

This week, I sat down with our Event Sales Manger, Brittany Blake, to find out a little more about our two most recent offsite events.

Asta: Hey Britt! I know there were a few offsites this past week that Ne Timeas was a part of. Can you tell us a little more about the events and who all was involved?

Brittany: Yeah! We just returned from two offsite events. One was Outstanding in the Field at Scribe Winery in Sonoma and the other was a media lunch at Casey Flat Ranch in Guinda, California. The team included Kate, our Director of Marketing and myself, who together planned both events, our Executive Chef Thomas McNaughton, Chef de Cuisine Ryan Pollnow, flour+water Sous Chef, Evan Allumbaugh, our Director of Catering, Alex Tamburro & central kitchen cook, Brian Francis.

Chef Tom participated in last season’s OTIF at the Sea Cove in Santa Cruz and was asked to be the chef this season at Scribe. Since the event was at Scribe winery, Chef Tom created a menu inspired by the wines at Scribe.. So a large portion of our job beforehand involved tasting and selecting wines & menu planning from there.

The way the event is set up is there is one large table set up outdoors at the winery and the chefs serve a family-style meal. It is a public event that anyone can sign up for but there were a lot of industry people there!

When we were there, we (Kate & I) got to help out behind the scenes on the kitchen side– chopping herbs, plating, grading cheese. It was really fun!

The menu included:
kale chips with avocado & yogurt
beef & oyster tartare
smoked pork rillettes
& hen cracklings
radishes with cultured butter chicken liver mousse with red wine gelée pickled vegetables with herb ricotta
spring vegetable salad with parmigiano custard, caper berry, horseradish & pistachio oil
crescenza agnolotti with morel mushrooms & green garlic
mix roast of pork with pea leaf & rice porridge, ginger, sesame & ramps
& chocolate custard with coffee & candied almonds

Outstanding in the Field has been creating these roving culinary adventures for over 15 years. Their mission is to “re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it.”

B: The next event was at Casey Flat Ranch. Kate and I planned the event with the owner of the winery and the PR team at the event. It was a lunch prepared by Chef Tom, paired with Casey Flat Wines, for 18 food and wine media. We got to stay on their beautiful property overnight and both help set up the tables, serve and manage the event.

The menu included:
spring vegetable salad with horseradish custard, caper berry & pistachio oil
flash cured king salmon with dill, creme fraiche & toasted seeds
duck breast & pressed confit with red beet, cherry & licorice root
& strawberries, ricotta and rhubarb sherbet

Post by Asta Karalis & photos by Brittany Blake

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