Flour+Water Renovations

In honor of our 5th anniversary on May 15th, we wanted to take the time to give the restaurant some much needed love and attention. The goal of the renovation is to honor the original designer, Sean Quigley of Paxton Gate, by updating the space with a new vibrancy and fresh appeal. There will be minor improvements to the restaurant such as interior paint, a new bar top, refinished tables, an updated oven & some menu restructuring.


Chef Tom says, “The renovation was inspired by our continual drive to stay relevant in the amazing culinary landscape that is San Francisco. We want to continue to build on what we have created and honor all of our staff and community for supporting us since the beginning.”

Be sure to follow along on our social platforms as we post pictures of the process evolving, leading up to our 5th anniversary on May 15th.


We are also holding a promotion on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Guests have the chance to win a reservation & $200 gift card by posting a photo of their favorite dish, memory or experience with the hashtag #flourandwater5. We have received some great submissions so far. Keep posting!

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