Say Hello to Some of our Flour+Water Team

This week, we sat down with some of the awesome people who make up the Flour+Water team. 

We asked them what their favorite thing on the menu is, restaurants they recommend or have been wanting to try, their ideal day off and what they’re most excited about for spring.



 Evan Allumbaugh

photo 5

Favorite thing on the menu: The biancoverde pizza with asparagus, ricotta and green garlic salmoriglio. It’s super springtime. That with an egg on it.

Recommend: Lers Ros, I love that place. I eat there at least once a week.

Try: I really want to try Box and Bells. I never get over to Oakland.

Ideal day off: I like going to the Marin Farmers Market early, hanging out in the sunshine, grabbing a coffee. It’s like a 45-minute drive up there, so windows down and music blasting for sure. Then coming back and going to dinner somewhere new.

Spring: I’m excited for a new set of produce. I’m sick of winter. I do that at the end of every season too. I’m looking forward to fava leaves. We did a cool dessert with them last year.


 Thomas Kalbphoto 2Favorite thing on the menu: The crispy pork trotter with green garlic aioli, roasted carrots & romanesco.

Recommend: I always recommend Lers Ros Thai (especially the new location at 16th and Guerrero St.)  and To Hyang Korean in the inner sunset. 

Ideal day off: Wake up, get coffee at Trouble, go on a bike ride, get to a very high point like Bernal Hill or Twin Peaks, read a cookbook-or at least page through one, go out to lunch, then go home and take a nap, then wake up and go dancing!

Spring: Produce! It’s my favorite time to cook.

 Miranda Eckerfield


Favorite thing on the menu: the marinated squid antipasti with chickpeas, citrus, avocado and peppercress.

Recommend: I always recommend Una Pizza Napoletana. Lers Ros is so good.

Try: I want to try La Ciccia in Noe Valley.

Ideal day off: Get up with a bright sunny morning, big breakfast and coffee. Oh, coffee and mimosas. Actually sparkling. I say mimosa but then I just end up drinking sparkling. Then do a little gardening.

Spring: I built a raised plant bed on my patio so during the spring all of my plants I’ve started from seed start producing.


 Brandon Kirksey photo 1Favorite thing on the menu: Seared trout with Dungeness crab, puntarelle, anchovy & olive.

Recommend: Lers Ros. (You should probably check this place out!) Thai food is my favorite so I’ve got to stick with that. Also, Yamo is delicious Burmese food.

Try: I want to try State Bird Provisions.

Ideal day off: I have a Harley, so I like to go on motorcycle rides, preferably south to the beach. Dolores Park or Zeitgeist. Those are ideal right there.

Spring: To see more sun! Spring is nice because it’s not too hot- Start being outside more, bein’ at the park.

Raymond Mclaurin

photo 3

Favorite thing on the menu: I like the teleme scarpinocc with aceto balsamico. It’s an awesome shape and definitely a guest favorite.

Recommend: Sons & Daughters, Una Pizza Napoletana and Camino in Oakland.

Ideal day off: Sleep! Breakfast at my favorite neighborhood café. Also, I try and go out to a new place to eat and catch up on food magazines.

Spring: Cherries! All stone fruit basically. California has the best weather to produce such vibrant fruits.

One of the newest members of our team, Melinda Hellmanphoto(5)

Favorite thing on the menu: the new asparagus pizza with ricotta and green garlic salmoriglio is pretty awesome.

Recommend: One of my favorite restaurants is probably State Bird.

Try: I really want to try The French Laundry

Ideal day off: Relaxing, taking my dog to the dog park, seeing friends, trying new restaurants, going out on the town, sleep-lots of sleep.

Spring: The produce, especially going into citrus. I’ve been getting into desserts lately. I’m from New York so even this weather feels like spring! It’s beautiful here. I love it.

What do you like most about working here? The creativity and being surrounded by people that are passionate. It’s a really good environment to learn in.



 Ruth Reynagasecuredownload

Favorite thing on the menu: teleme scarpinocc with aceto balsamico

Recommend: La Ciccia in Noe Valley is a great Italian spot.

Ideal day off: Go to Stinson Beach and chill, drink wine and probably go to dinner somewhere, most likely Healdsburg; hopefully with a handsome man.

Spring: I’m excited to finish my second semester at The Academy of Art and see the finished products: my mini collections for fashion design. Oh, and my baby niece is going to be born in June and I can’t wait to be there for that!

 Cori Hartwiger

photo 4 Favorite thing on the menu: The chitarra with black truffle, asparagus and egg yolk.

Wanting to try: That Brazilian steakhouse on church and market St. and also Tosca in North Beach.

Ideal day off: …is Sunday! Sleep in, actually no, wake up early.

Spring: My birthday!


Kristina Farino
Favorite thing on the menu: The crispy pork trotter with green garlic aioli, roasted carrots & romanesco.

Recommend: I love Bar Tartine for brunch. Also, I love that Thai place, Lers Ros.

Ideal day off: A 9am yoga class, grabbing a burrito and laying in the park, walking around and taking a bunch of pictures, then meeting up with good friends.

Spring: Music festivals

Thank you f+w for an awesome staff meal. I had such a good time getting to know you all! Stayed tuned for part 2 with the rest of the f+w team.

& thank you Liz Subauste for sharing some of your photos. 

Post & photos by Asta Karalis

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