The Inspiration Behind the Dish with Chef Ryan Pollnow of Central Kitchen

photo 3


Central Kitchen has a number of new menu items we’re really excited about. One in particular is an octopus dish. Octopus with pork belly, blood sausage, pickled mushroom & almond.


For the first time, we’ve allowed ourselves to step outside of California to source our product. We are now featuring Spanish red octopus. The inspiration behind the dish: It’s very Spanish in concept but it pays homage to California in a historical sense.


The dish starts with what the Spanish would call morcilla, blood sausage and then octopus, white romesco sauce, toasted almond and slow cooked pork belly.


Once a week, we receive a gallon of fresh pigs’ blood from one of our farms in Northern California and we use that to make pork sausage. To add texture to the dish, every ingredient is crisped on the plancha, which is commonly used in Spain.


It’s an item we’re proud of and feature on both the a la carte and tasting menus.


photo-3 copy


Thank you, Chef Ryan! & thank you Liz for this awesome photo of Ryan in action.


Post and photos by Asta Karalis

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