meet chef lyndsey of salumeria


if you’ve ever wondered who’s the brains behind that meatloaf sandwich…

or who the girl is with that really awesome hair, say no more.

If she hasn’t made your day yet, she will.

Introducing Chef Lyndsey:


1. Name. Position. & how long you’ve been with the company.

Lyndsey Paige Waters, Sous Chef at Salumeria & I started on June 3, be exact. [Lyndsey previously worked as a line cook at our sister spot, central kitchen and has worked in Salumeria for the last 8 months.]

2.Tell me a little more about your position

I am responsible for all of the food, quality control, prep and catering at Salumeria on 20th street and at the Hamm’s building. I am also creating recipes and teaching the staff. I work with Chef Tom on menu development. We go back and forth, see what works, what doesn’t-tweek it a little, make testers and taste everything.  I get to play around with what I want but collaborate with Chef Tom & Ryan before it’s actually on the menu.

I usually come in at 9am. In the mornings i’m prepping for both stores; 20th street and Hamm’s. All the deliveries come in the mornings so I have to check them in and organize. Then i’ll make a delivery to Hamm’s just before lunch time so they’re all set for service. I’m in the shop for the majority of the afternoon and then go back to prepping after we close.

3. What is the best part of your day?

Definitely coffee with David White in the mornings or when Moises makes breakfast. Also, staff meal at central kitchen- it’s pretty nice to sit with the CK guys and catch up.

4. How do you get inspiration for the menu?

The weather, the season, going and eating at other places in the city, being really hungry or in the mood for something specific- like a Bánh mì sandwich, a really good potato salad, a really steamy meatloaf. Man, I sound really dorky right now.

5. What’s your ultimate sandwich?

A pressed cuban. Roasted pork, salame, yellow mustard, swiss, ham, mayo, and red onion on fresh cuban bread. They are baked in super long loaves and a fresh palm frond is laid on top before baking.

6. What have you learned the most from being in this position?

Awareness. I’m not just a cook anymore-thinking about one station and one part of the menu. You just have to watch everything and really know what everybody else is doing around you.

7. What’s your favorite thing to listen to while setting up in the morning?

Hip hop definitely gets all the kids going. I would prefer a morning full of janet jackson, whitney…total drama meltdowns, haha. but the truth is, everyone would prefer a little hip hop in their lives to get them moving.

8. What restaurants have you been dying to try?

Alta, Tosca and ooh, going back to Frances in the Castro.

9. Ultimate day off?

If I had the ways and means, Santa Cruz! If I was in the city, it would be: sleep in, late lunch, haircut, happy hour cocktails & dinner + dancing in the rain. Why not.

securedownloadThank you Lyndsey for such an awesome evening.

Article & Photos by Asta Karalis

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