Staff Picks: Favorite Holiday Dish

Happy Holidays from The Ne Timeas Restaurant Group!

Nothing beats spending time with friends & family and enjoying delicious food together.

Here are a few of our staffs’ favorite things to eat and drink over the holidays.

—- —— ——- —- —- —-


Ruth Reynaga:

Server, Flour + Water

Chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips because my mom always used to make them for us growing up. Now I make them every year for my dad.



Garrett Benedict:

Cook, Flour + Water

Roast leg of lamb.



Miranda Eckerfield:

Cook, Flour + Water

Yams with marshmallows on top! Oh, and stuffing.


Vanya Shekell:

Director of Operations

My Grandmother Joy’s Fruitcake (her secret ingredient is pork sausage). She also uses a bottle of rum!


Chandler Kinkade:

Assistant to the CFO

My mom’s Apple Hill Cake. The name comes from Apple Hill Farm in Placerville where I was born.



Katrice Shaner:

Operations Assistant

My mom’s spinach dip- It’s my sister’s favorite too. My mom used to make two bowls of it, one for my sister and one for everybody else.


Kate Michels:

Director of Events and Communications

A Snuggler: Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.


Brian Barnett:

Barback, Trick Dog

Pecan pie. No question.



Kim Rosselle:

Bartender, Trick Dog

That’s tough, there are two: stuffing on Thanksgiving and crab on Christmas.

12 Lyndsey Waters:

Sous Chef, Salumeria

Aunt Connie makes a cornbread dressing that’s originally from my uncle’s family in Tennessee. It’s a saucier stuffing with celery, onions, and cream of mushroom soup- all the good stuff.



Asta Karalis:

Cashier, Salumeria

My Grandpa Poppy makes this holiday Chex Mix every year. It has Chex cereal, pretzel sticks, mixed nuts, melted butter, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder. It’s all mixed together then baked. The best part is he’s usually dancing while making it.



Thomas McNaughton:

Executive Chef, Ne Timeas Restaurant Group

Oysters Rockefeller or roasted prime rib.



Sam Bogue:

Server & Wine Director, Central Kitchen

Movie theater popcorn while I’m movie hopping on Christmas Day.



Melissa Dickenson:

Hostess, Flour + Water and Central Kitchen

Dungeness crab!

5 Ryan Pollnow:

Chef de Cuisine, Ne Timeas Restaurant Group

Popovers cooked in prime rib fat. Screw the prime rib I just want the popovers cooked in drippings!



Nate Matkowsky:

Cook, Central Kitchen

Pork pie. It’s a French Canadian thing.



Article and photos by Asta Karalis

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