Holiday Cocktails from the Team at Trick Dog

As important as it is to indulge in holiday dishes, it’s vital to enjoy a few holiday cocktails. Morgan Schick, Manager of Trick Dog, gives us his favorite winter drinks he’s making at the bar, as well as some go to’s for the at-home bartender.

Freeze Frame – Old Gran-Dad 114 bourbon, apple cardamom cordial

Bank Robber – Wild Turkey rye, cognac, bonal quina, becherovka, blackberry liquor, cinnamon absinthe mix
*Wild Turkey and Jupiter Olympus offer the Bank Robber as Trick Dog’s November Special. Proceeds go to SF and Marin Food Banks.


For your at-home parties…
– Eggnog
– Mulled wine
– Spiced cider with rum
– Anything with warm, winter spices!


Come celebrate the holidays with your friends at Trick Dog!

Article by Brittany Blake. Photos by Asta Karalis

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