Seasonal Party Planning Tips from our Director of Events

With the holiday season upon us, we know you are thinking about your upcoming holiday parties & events. Whether you are the host, the guest or are leaving it up to the professionals, our resident party planner and director of events, Kate Michels shares her tips for your upcoming holiday season. Check in over the next seven weeks for her posts highlighting her favorite tips, anecdotes and holiday cheer to make your holiday party planning a little easier!

Mis-Match Mix-ups

Its never too early to start thinking about your next festive get-to-gether with friends and family. This time of year, I love embracing fall colors, flavors and decorations with each dinner party I host. Keep it simple and rustic, with mis-matched plate-ware, utensils and glassware that are all cohesive. Add natural elements such as squashs, pumpkins & gourds to the table (these are great for fall decorations as well and last a long time without going bad!) to continue the rustic theme.

ebe96a10420986281906be641f2d1b39fall table2

Friends -Giving

I grew up with a small family, so thanksgiving was not the same when there are only four people at the dinner table, so as soon as I moved into my first apartment I started the tradition of friends-giving. It was a time for everyone to contribute, come together and enjoy comfort food that was passed down from each family. By renting tables and chairs, moving some furniture aside, somehow 20 people squeezed around one table. Try it yourself, each guest brings their favorite red or white bottle, and must sign up for a dish, and the host tackles the turkey! It is surprisingly a lot easier than you expect and don’t worry you can always email for more tips and tricks for cooking your own bird. Add in your own touches and seasonal accents to make it a fabulous time for all!

de528a7b4c443d93612d7ce987859b0e fall table 1fcb704a79535f564e2e74511b0478bf

Also, if you are looking for a hands-free Thanksgiving dinner on November 28, look like a rock star by pre-ordering Thanksgiving Dinner from Salumeria on 3000 20th Street – check out all the details here.

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