20 Hours on 20th Street

photo (16)

Last month, Ne Timeas Restaurant Group (along with Noise Pop, Nomic, and The Bon Vivants) threw the first ever 20th Street Block Party. It was a huge success, and drew a lot of attention to our little corner of the Mission. Organizing and putting on such a major event took a whole lot of work… but then again, so does each and every service at Ne Timeas’ establishments. Here, a look at the nearly non-stop work days that go into making flour + watercentral kitchen, and salumeria run so smoothly.



6:37am – The first sheets of pasta dough are cut in flour + water’s Dough Room.



7:10am – Chef Tom checks his rooftop chicken coup for fresh eggs.



8:06am – salumeria‘s sous chef Lyndsey Waters lights a fire in central kitchen’s hearth.



9:15am – central kitchens chef de cuisine Ryan Pollnow buys produce at the farmers’ market at the Ferry Building.



10:04am – Sous chef Grant Cotner breaks down a pig from Devil’s Gulch Ranch.



11am – salumeria puts out fresh, hot scones.



12:36pm – flour + water’s kitchen scores and bakes bread for dinner service.



1:13pm – Pasta production for flour + water and salumeria is in full swing.



2:05pm – Chef Tom sits down with flour + water’s kitchen staff to come up with the night’s menu.



3:47pm – The Ne Timeas receptionist prints menus for both restaurants.



4:45pm – Servers at both restaurants gather at the bar to learn about the night’s menu and make a plan for service. Above, Chef Ryan talks to the central kitchen staff.



5pm – Guests begin lining up outside of flour + water.



6:32 – Happy hour at salumeria.



 7:18pm – Over at trick dog, Morgan makes cocktails as things start to get busy.



8:26pm – flour + water’s busiest time of night. Above, sous chef Adam Rosenblum streamlines the flow of food from the kitchen to the dining room.



9:12pm – Guests enjoy a private party in salumeria.



10:03pm – At central kitchen, Chef Ryan puts the finishing touches on the evening’s last dishes.



11:32pm – central kitchen’s staff starts trickling over to trick dog…



12:09am – flour + water fires its last pizzas of the night.



1:19 – Just before last call, trick dog is packed.



2:20am – Getting ready to do it all over again… Chef Adam calls in orders for the next day.

**Photos by Asta Karalis, Zoe Ferrigno, and Kate Michels.

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