My Pasta Project: My Take On Ravioli by Jessica Hui

Today I’d like to share a second guest post from our awesome regular, Jessica Hui, about her wonderful adventures making pasta at home (read her first post here).

We do have a few spots left for our Spring series of Pasta Making Classes so if you’d like to sign up, hop over here .


Once I had figured out how to roll out beautiful sheets of pasta, I was onto my next challenge: stuffed pasta. Stuffed pasta is simply my favorite kind of pasta. I love the taste of a rich and meaty or creamy filling. During winter, I went to flour+water a lot seeking comfort food, which was now pasta to me. Filled pasta was strewn throughout the menu, squash was abundant, and all the dishes were warm, luxurious, and comforting. I had wonderfully rich ricotta cappelletti, parsnip tortelli, potato caramelle that took ravioli to another level.

Being new to pasta making, I didn’t have too many tools yet. So, I rummaged around for something to cut my ravioli with. Cups were way too big, jars wouldn’t cut through, but a shot glass was just perfect! While my pasta dough was resting, I made a roasted butternut squash ricotta filling.

First, I laid out two sheets of pasta, made imprints with the shot glass, then filled the center with a little of my butternut mixture.


I then placed one sheet of dough over the fillings and used my fingers to gently cup around the filling to get all the air out and make as tight of a little hump as I could.

Here came the fun part – cutting out the raviolis with the shot glass. They popped out in perfect little rounds!

As I was cutting them, I was thinking about how to serve them, and remembered the rich, nutty brown butter sauces I had at flour+water. So while the pasta was cooking, I made a brown butter sage sauce. It was great just like that, but I felt like I needed an extra texture to balance out the creamy butternut filling. So I looked in my fridge, and found some beautiful rainbow carrots that I had from the farmer’s market that week. I cubed them, cooked them in the brown butter, and plated up!


My butternut squash shot glass ravioli was one of my favorite pastas I’ve made. Not only did I love the colors and adorable shape, but this was a defining moment for me – I had finally created and cooked a pasta that tasted like one from flour+water! This cemented my love of pasta making and made me more excited to try out new shapes and different kinds of ingredient combos.


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