My Pasta Project: The Beginning of a Craft by Jessica Hui

Today I’d like to share a guest post from our awesome regular, Jessica Hui.  This is the first of a few posts from Jessica about her wonderful adventures making pasta at home.

We do have a few spots left for our Spring series of Pasta Making Classes so if you’d like to sign up, hop over here or here.

My Pasta Project: The Beginning of a Craft


Growing up, I never really cared for pasta. I always just thought of it as what I now like to call, the spaghetti & meatballs effect: Prego tomato sauce, dry meatballs, overpowering dried oregano, and that ‘parmesan cheese’ that comes out of a green Kraft bottle. So needless to say, when flour+water first opened, I wasn’t too eager to go. Alas, I couldn’t avoid the early acclaim and decided to check it out. Many magical agnolotti and tortelli later, I became a pasta fiend.

Each time I went, I just couldn’t really believe how mind-blowing each pasta shape, each filling, each dish from Chef Thomas McNaughton was. It was nothing like the pasta I had grown up eating. It made me think — if all you need is flour + water, I should be able to do this! So, I looked into pasta making at home and realized that I needed a pasta roller.

Once Salumeria opened, I’d always ogle at all the pasta making tools but it wasn’t until one day when the pasta roller was put out on display — the shiny chrome and the beautiful fresh pasta laying next to it, that finally gave me the push I needed to pick it up.

2. pasta-makerI haven’t taken any formal classes so asked one of the chefs how to get started, and she got me set up with the 00 flour, semolina, and eggs. I went home, super excited and quickly learned that it was one of the best purchases I had ever made.

3. salumeriaI started out simple: made a well of flour, added eggs, mixed everything by hand..

4. flour-and-eggs

5. mixed-eggs

Formed a gorgeous yellow ball of dough..

6. doug

I rolled out my pasta, cut it into different widths..

7. roller

8. strands


I couldn’t believe how simple it was! Not only was it easy, but it was so fun! Seeing the beautiful strands of pasta, knowing that I made it in my very own home made me feel so happy and accomplished. This was the start of something really special to me, a new craft to call my own.

Head over to Jessica’s’s blog here and read more about her entertaining, informative and always interesting culinary journey.

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