The Story of Salumeria and the Mighty Sandwich

One of our favorite food bloggers just posted this great piece on her wonderful gastronomic journey over 6 weeks that revolved around the ever evolving rotation of sandwiches at salumeria.

The Story of Salumeria and the Mighty Sandwich

by Kels Eats

mortadella sandwich, salumeria

It’s November. That time of the year when the leaves have faded from golden orange to yellows and browns, when roasted squash begins popping up on menus across the city, and when you can finally feel that late autumn chill in the San Francisco wind. That special time of the year that makes me want to talk about…sandwiches.

I don’t know about you, but in my world, it’s always sandwich season. Unfortunately, there seem to be fewer and fewer occasions where I’m truly blown away by this ubiquitous food. I’ve had to ask myself, “Have I tried every deli sandwich that appeals to my sensibilities? Every Panini (well, actually every panino? Bahn Mi? Every Cubano?” I mean, I’ve been eating sandwiches on the regular my entire life, what’s really left to impress?

Salumeria. That’s what.

So what’s so special? Well, let’s see…it’s not just the fact that they cure their own meats – although that helps. It’s not because they change their menu selections daily so that on any given day you can have anything from coppa, to lonza, to rabbit sausage, or roast beef. And unlike many other specialty shops, there’s no one “signature” sandwich, or a “create your own” menu, that will keep you coming back for more. Honestly, what makes these sandwiches special for me (yes, sandwichES plural), is the fact that they’re ALL so damn good! There’s not really any clear-cut headlining sandwich that plays as the main act, and there’s not a single sandwich that, hands down, steals the show. In other words, I find myself at Salumeria without a craving for anything in particular; I’ve never driven by and thought, “Hmmmmmm, you know what sounds good? A sandwich stuffed with Mortadella…on a potato roll.” No, instead I pop in whenever I’m on my way home and think, “Man, I want a sandwich.”

That’s what makes Salumeria special. Every element of every sandwich is well-made or well-sourced, and the way in which the pieces are bundled together is…well…impressive enough to inspire me to write about sandwiches. After just two months, I’m confident that I can pick absolutely anything on the menu and I’ll be satisfied.

Why so cocky in my assertion? Because, frankly, in roughly 8 weeks, Salumeria is 6 for 6 – and I’ve got the photos to prove it.


coppa on foccacia


roast beef sandwich


porchetta sandwich


mushroom sandwich

If those photos don’t spark any primal cravings for a mighty, meaty sandwich, well then you must have a lump of coal for a stomach. But to all of my fellow sandwich lovers out there, I say to you: Why are you still reading?! STOP this nonsense and head over to Salumeria immediately.

3000 20th St
(between Alabama St & Florida St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 471-2998


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