Music Directors love Treasure Island Music Festival

Last weekend was the Treasure Island Music Festival and also the time of my life ! If you’ve never been to this festival I suggest you start planning for next year. Complete with a light-up ferris wheel & gorgeous views of the city, Treasure Island is a fabulous event for music lovers who don’t really love music festivals. It gets crowded but no where near as crazy as Outsidelands, and you never have to choose between shows. The whole thing isn’t very big, either, Consider it quantity & cozy ! This was my third TI in a row so I can attest that apart from some drizzles during LCD Soundystem in 2010, the sun is part of the fun. Saturday’s highlight for me was of course, Matthew Dear !

Matthew Dear puts on an incredible live show.

He also has the hottest bass player of all time:

On Sunday, the Divine Fits put on a show worthy of their backdrop:

And I finally saw Gossip live ! Please excuse this terrible picture, definitely NOT worthy of Beth & Co’s dynamic show:

If I could only add one thing that could improve the Treasure Island Music Festival it would be… cotton candy !!

You can listen to some of the artists that were at this year’s TIMF on this list I put together on Spotify:

Until next year !

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