Things I Love by Asta from Salumeria

I am really enjoying the rainy nights and cool days we’re having this week! It’s becoming habit to come home after work, grab Daphne (my dog) and Blake (my boo) and head for Bernal Hill. I highly recommend going up there and winding down for the evening. Having a beverage makes the experience extra sweet. Which brings me to my first favorite of the week.

Almanac Bière de Mars.
Almanac Beer Co. is a brewery out of Northern California consisting of 2 dudes named Jesse Friedman and Damian Fagan. They began making homebrews in their San
Francisco apartments and going to the farmers market to find the best seasonal ingredients for their beer. It’s hard to imagine that they founded Almanac Beer Co. only two years ago! From the beautiful labels to the unique ingredients (fennel, plum, blackberry) to name a few, you can tell these guys put a lot of love into their beer. Each harvest they partner with a different farm in Northern California to supply the fruit for their next brew. “Every beer is a collaboration between us and the local terroir. Each release is a unique seasonal product, brewed and bottled only once, designed to age gracefully for years.”

Their Bière de Mars is a French-style farmhouse ale brewed with organic baby fennel from Heirloom Organic Gardens (Hollister, CA). ‘Mars’ means March because that’s when it is traditionally brewed. What is a French-style farmhouse ale you ask? These types of beers are strong pale ales traditionally brewed in the northern region of France, bordering Belgium. They were originally brewed in farmhouses in the winter and spring, to avoid unpredictable problems with the yeast that would occur during the summer. They are known for being coppery brown and medium in body with a toasted malt aroma. The Bière de Mars has these qualities and is slightly earthy (just the right amount of fennel) with a light caramel aroma. Try this beer with our cheese plate. Also great while on a hike! 750 ml with 7% ABV at $17.00

2nd on the list is Franklin’s Teleme
This is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Los Banos, CA. When you come into Salumeria and check out the cheese case, this cheese will undeniably stand out. It looks like a gooey ball of deliciousness. We just got this cheese in stock so I had to try it! Franklin Peluso is a 3rd generation cheese maker and has been making the Teleme since 1980. He uses his hands to press the curds and whey to get the ideal moisture content and texture. The cheese has a distinctive rice flour crust that it is coated with after four days of drying. Then it is refrigerated for a week before shipping. I had this cheese with a sour baguette from ACME Bread Company and some salumi slices from Olli (both available at Salumeria).
This cheese is versatile. It can be eaten by itself- just beware…it’s highly addictive. It would also be good on a homemade pizza or grilled cheese sandwich. Its flavors are mild, milky, buttery, and a little tart. The texture is gooey but not runny. It reminds me of string cheese I used to have as a kid but more like the fancy adult version!
Try it drizzled with olive oil and ground black pepper.

Last but not least, dessert. Kika’s Treats
I’m a dark chocolate kind of a girl, so I went for her caramelized graham crackers in pure dark chocolate. We also have these in milk chocolate as well as her two caramels- Crunchy and Nutty.
We are constantly getting new products in at Salumeria but Kika’s treats have been a staple. She came into the shop the other week to have lunch and she was super sweet. She has been making her treats in the city since 2006. She uses only the best, locally sourced ingredients and her products are all 100% all natural. Kika’s Treats also donate 5% of net profits to La Cocina (a non-profit food business in San Francisco that helps low income entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses). So on to how good they taste! The inside is thicker than your average graham cracker and has a crunchy buttery texture. The outside of the graham is covered in just the right amount of dark chocolate. What I liked about these is you could have one and satisfy your sweet tooth and share the rest with friends or save em’ later. Try these after your sandwich to make your belly happy.

Everything mentioned in this post is available from salumeria, 3000 20th st, san francisco, ca 94110.

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6 thoughts on “Things I Love by Asta from Salumeria

  1. Asta, your blog is wonderful. I hope your boss knows how valuable you are. He will never replace you. Ron wants to try the beer and I am going for the cheese and the grams. Would it be easy for us to fly in there? You sure made us hungry. Ron and I are big fans of your grand parents. I was lucky like you to have the best. Keep up the good work.

  2. You almost make me want to come visit San Francisco again. I loved your descriptions and the delightful pictures!!

  3. I will forward this info to my son who travels in that area very often. It sounds like something he would really enjoy.
    Keep up the good work.
    Your grandma is very proud of you.

  4. Asta, so muich fun to read your blog. I wish we were in San Francisco so we could stop by and see you. Miss you !!

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