Pie Making Class Series from Three Babes Bakeshop

In this 4-class series, Anna and Lenore, the owners of Three Babes Bakeshop will show you how to bake the perfect pie.

anna and lenore, three babes bakeshopimage via mercurynews.com

Class 1 – Custard Pies 
Learn how to bake the perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. From mixing and rolling the crust to baking your own pumpkin for the filling.
They’ll share their tricks for a perfectly browned pre-bake and have you churning out seasonal pies like a champ!


three babes bakeshop gravenstien apple pie (via mercurynews.com)

Class 2 – Fruit Pies & Lattice
Ever wondered which apples are the best for baking?
The babes are here to tell you their opinion and answer all of your fruit pie related conundrums. Learn how to roll and weave lattice.
Discover how to select the best fruit for pies, talk about thickeners and sweeteners and bake up our own 6″ mini pies.

salty honey walnut pie, three babes bakeshopthe much loved three babes bakeshop salty honey walnut pie! (image via mercurynews.com)

Class 3 – Nut Pies
Three Babes Bakeshop is known across the land for their signature Salty Honey Walnut pie.
Their secret? Local walnuts, sweet cream butter, and honey harvested right here in San Francisco.
Learn all of their secrets to delicious nut pies, they’ll discuss pecan and walnut pies, as well as ground nut preparations like frangipane.

Class 4 – Cream Pies
Who doesn’t love a fresh cream pie? In the last of the 4-class series, you’ll learn the fundamentals of cream pies.
A killer crust, fresh pastry cream and plenty of whipped cream to go on to. Then play with add-ins to create a custom cream pie straight out of your imagination.
Bananas, chocolate, caramel, coconut, cookie pieces – the sky’s the limit!

All that baking is bound to work up an appetite so salumeria will provide a selection of our meats, carefully curated cheeses, prosecco, white wine, red wine and hot cider.
Students will take home their own handmade pie, a disc of dough to make one at home and adapted recipes.

Classes will be held at 6:30pm, and limited to 12 guests each, on the following dates:

Class 1, Custard Pies, Thursday, October 25th TICKETS
Class 2, Fruit Pies & Lattice, Thursday, November 1st TICKETS
Class 3, Nut Pies, Thursday, November 8th TICKETS
Class 4, Cream Pies, Thursday, November 15th TICKETS

Price is $75 per person, exclusive of state tax.

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