After years of preparation, the Mission Creek Merchant Association is ready to launch this month! We hope to unite and support the local arts, food, and industry communities. And we’d love to have YOU get involved!


The name “Mission Creek” was chosen in homage to the historic creek running below San Francisco. One mouth of the creek lies roughly underneath 17th and Bryant, in the heart of the Mission Creek neighborhood. Running from 16th to 23th, between Potrero Avenue and South Van Ness, this area is home to an eclectic and growing mix of eateries, bars, salons, spas, healers, shopping, schools, business services, theaters, artists, entertainment and more. We are excited to continue building a sense of community in this area through the promotion of events and the cultivation of green and communal spaces. Our nascent merchant association encourages residents to think about the manifold advantages of supporting the various local, small businesses that make the Mission Creek area unique, while providing advocacy, networking and information to assist these companies. We hope merchants and artists will step forward to make their voices heard and contribute to this collaborative effort.


In addition to uniting area business owners, we also hope to promote Mission Creek neighborhood interests, increase business opportunities, and facilitate communication between businesses and local government (e.g. regarding the proposed parking meters in our neighborhood). Most importantly, MCMA will connect you to a vibrant community of peers who are often your most valuable resource. We hope to facilitate special events and projects that benefit Mission Creek and the mutual interests of businesses and residents. We are especially excited to start some regular neighborhood outdoor events (a wine walk, street fairs, block parties)! We also hope to expand awareness of Mission Creek and all its professional resources. Check out the merchant association’s web site at


In addition to an online business directory, maps, real estate listings, and general information about the neighborhood, there will also be an opportunity for participating businesses to post promotional offers and events. Please also “like” our page at for updates and further social networking.
Meetings will be held every third Tuesday of the month, 9:30am-10:30am at Asiento 2730 21st Street @ Bryant Street. We will have a meeting agenda and try and keep the meetings short so everyone can get back to their busy schedules. The next meeting is on Tuesday, October 16th from 930-1030.
If you are unable to attend but interested in joining please be sure to sign up online by visiting mcma.localoncom and clicking the “Join” tab. Annual dues will be $95 per business, but we are asking for $50 per business for the remainder of the year ($10/month).


Be well,
The Mission Creek Merchant Association Founders:
Candace Combs/Courtney Moore, In-Symmetry
Jack Morse, Z-Space


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