Things I Love by Asta from salumeria

Sooo.. It was a wine and cheese kind of Monday! I had just gotten off work and decided to get a cheese, some crackers, and a white wine to bring home. My roomies love when I bring home food from work, especially cheese. The ‘things I love’ this week all paired together wonderfully and even better; unintentionally.
The first thing I love: Txakoli Xarman.
It’s a Spanish white wine from the region of ‘Txakoli’…The Basque country. I had to do some researching because this wine is funny to pronounce. I found out that Xarman means “Charming in Basque”. It’s a slightly sparkling white wine that’s a perfect blend of sweet and dry. This wine tastes super fresh and fruity with a little tangy lime mixed in. Perfect chilled on a sunny day. I think this is a very versatile wine that would go great with cheese, salad, chicken, fish…etc!
Charcoal crackers from The Fine Cheese Co.
2nd thing I love:  Charcoal crackers from The Fine Cheese Co.
I was really tempted to buy these just to see what they looked like. Definitely the coolest looking cracker I’ve ever seen. I love how they coined them as “stylish” black crackers on the box! To my surprise, they we’re more of a biscuit than a cracker. In my opinion, these are better with a softer, gooey cheese (like the Twig Farm I will mention next!). They are super buttery and have a flaky texture. Charcoal powder is listed as an ingredient but doesn’t seem to add to the flavor of the cracker…perhaps more of an aesthetic. These would be great as a gift or for a dinner party to switch it up from your everyday water cracker!
twig farm washed cheese
3rd thing I love: Twig Farm Washed Cheese
This is a raw goats milk cheese from Vermont. The bright pink and orange rind makes this cheese stand out in the case. Not to mention it has a strong aroma. Twig Farm Washed has a really creamy texture that makes it great as a stand-alone cheese or with a cracker. Its flavors are grassy and tangy. I recommend leaving this cheese out of the fridge for a little bit so you get the full effect! The charcoal crackers were a great complement to this cheese.
P.s- My roommates were obsessed.
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