What Would Your Last Meal Be?

Earlier this week, an off the cuff question about ‘What would your last meal be” quickly turned into a lengthy discussion involving many people at the ne timeas restaurant group.

The answers were as varied as the people and it’s a fun one to ask people around you. Let us know in the comments what would your last meal be?

Essam, GM, flour + water

Tons and tons of great wine. An old Napa Cabernet as they’re so hard to come by. A really great Chateauneuf du Pape, a great old Burgundy, and a fantastic Sauternes.

To eat, my late Grandma’s falafel, pig trotter foot soup, Kibbeh Nayeh which is a Lebanese dish similar to lamb tartar, with my Grandma’s Thanksgiving turkey, Mulukhiyah which are slightly bitter greens that taste like the love child of spinach and okra. For dessert,we have a secret family recipe for cranberry mousse which we fondly call Pink Crack.

Tara, culinary assistant, ne timeas restaurant group

Baked cheesecake and chocolate.  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, any type of chocolate.  Chocolate mousse, chocolate nibs, chocolate ice cream. And if I had to have some real food I’d want a Margherita pizza from Antico in Atlanta. To drink, keep it classy with Chimay. Blue.

Melissa, hostess, flour + water

I’d start with some oysters from Rappahannock, VA then move onto Maryland Crab. Served with brown paper covering the tables, mallets and lots of paper napkins, all washed down with Natty Bo Beer. For dessert, Kimball mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Temi, communications director, ne timeas restaurant group

I’d start with figs, prosciutto and manchego cheese. Then grilled swordfish with lobster fried rice and the funghi pizza from flour + water. For dessert, chocolate fondant with green & black’s vanilla ice cream. To drink, a great Pouilly Fume and when I’m done, a huge mug of PG Tips.

Emily, special events director, ne timeas restaurant group

A proper East Coast Clam Bake with clams, mussels, steamers, Maine lobster, steak, chicken, roast potatoes, corn on the cob and lots, and lots of butter. Served with my Mom’s broccoli casserole and my Dad’s Sicilian salad (pickled peppers from a jar with olives and anchovies). For dessert, a lobster claw from my favorite bakery in Boston.

Matt, chef de cuisine, ne timeas restaurant group

My Mom’s beef and hand cut noodles on mashed potatoes. With sweetcorn and peas. For dessert, blackberry cobbler with Schwan’s vanilla ice cream. With an ice-cold bud or sun tea (tea brewed slowly in the sun).

Liz , GM, central kitchen

Triple cream brie like the Brillat Savarin from salumeria. Some great crackers, a plate full of varied salumi with Bandol Rose. And maybe Lillet.
Alyssa, assistant GM, flour + water

I’d start with half a dozen oysters served with a mignonette sauce and Palo Cortado Sherry. Then I’d have a grilled cheese sandwich with french fries with ranch dressing and hot sauce for dipping, paired with Huet Chenin Blanc. For dessert, my Mom’s Banana Pudding paired with a great Vin Santo (which can often be found at flour + water).

Jeff, line cook, flour + water

I’d want a dish from each part of the world and ideally travel round the world to eat them. Pho from Thailand, sushi from Japan, French Onion Soup from France, Tapas from Spain, Salumi from Italy.

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