For the Weekend – “Coming on Strong”

Tuesday was an exciting night for me because Hot Chip was in town! Some of us were able to sneak away to Oakland’s Fox theater & we ran into a lot of friends-  you can bet many of your favorite servers, somms, baristas & barkeeps across the Bay were at this show. Hot Chip is popular with us service industry folk maybe because they wrote our theme song (“Over And Over“), but mostly because we love to DANCE. Hot Chip majorly delivered by playing a slew of favorites (“Shake A Fist“, “The Warning“, “Ready For The Floor“) along with their newer hits (“I Feel Better“, “Flutes“)- barely breathing between songs for well over an hour. As their last two albums have been heavy on dance beats & light on subdued funk, I had resigned myself to never seeing them perform any songs from their 2004 debut & my all-time favorite album, “Coming On Strong“. So imagine my joy when they began their encore with the most sensitive of tracks from this masterpiece, “Crap Kraft Dinner” :

If a night of service at flour+water was a televised ballet, “Coming On Strong” would be its soundtrack. The album is equal parts electronic/soul/funk- full of sincere, tender-hearted bravado and a healthy amount of cheek. It is an unabashed love letter to Prince and a perfect, dorky British melding of R&B, funk & dub. I could listen to this album forever. Many of my colleagues know this. If you have dined at any of our restaurants more than once, you have probably heard this album played. But for the weekend I recommend you give it a closer listen. Windows open, pants off, in the kitchen or cleaning your bedroom, listen & fall in love.

You can use my love letter to Hot Chip on Spotify as your guide:

Thanks for the great show, guys !

Love, me,


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