20th St Greening Project



proposed site plans for the 20th st corridor

You might have noticed a hotbed of construction activity along the 20th st corridor this week. The 20th St Greening Project is well underway.

Inspired by a desire to aesthetically improve the 20th St Corridor, the ne timeas restaurant group joined forces with local landscape designer, Jane Martin to bring the idea of the Greening Project into fruition.

The project will dramatically increase the greenery along 20th St, Alabama and Florida St and we expect the construction to run through until the end of September.
The term “biophilia” literally means “love of life or living systems”. A Biophilic Streetscape is one which not only accommodates multiple ecological benefits but through its design enhances the interconnected synergy between people, creatures, plants, soil, air and water. As part of the biophilic landscape, the bees on the central kitchen roof will pollinate the flowers which in turn will provide nectar for the bees.

In addition to more greenery, more outdoor seating, the new pavement will be permeable. The permeable pavement is a storm water capture system that decreases the amount of rain water in the sewage system.

We will be rounding off construction with a volunteer lead tree planting day which will be a fun day for all and a great opportunity to connect with other people in our community. Get a little (or a lot) dirty, have some fun in the sun and enjoy some great food and drinks.
Flour + water, central kitchen and salumeria will provide lunch and refreshments.

Stay tuned for more details on dates!

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