Serving Up James Beard

On Friday evening, flour + water rolled out their James Beard inspired tasting menu. As part of the Silver Anniversary Scholarship drive, select restaurants have been invited to participate in Serving Up James Beard. Money raised from this initiative will be used to fund a culinary scholarship to aid a Bay Area culinary student with their education.

James Beard’s pasta  estivi – inspired our corn cappelletti with basil & charred sungolds

James Beard’s spaghetti with clam sauce inspired our spaghetti with braised clams, fennel, sea urchin & bread crumbs

James Beard’s duck tortelli with braised onion sauce inspired our duck tortelli with braised onions

James Beard’s pasta with beans inspired our maltagliati with pork belly, cranberry beans

sweetbread raviolini with figs & thymeJames Beard’s raviolini with sweetbread stuff inspired our sweetbread raviolini with figs & thyme

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