For The Weekend – Old World

Another weekend is creeping up on us which means it’s time for another of Katie’s brilliant playlists.

‘Old World” ‘s track three on The Modern Lovers self-titled debut album AND a term for wine made in Europe or in the European style. Imagine it’s a cloudy day and you want to curl up by a fire with comforting, familiar music & a big goblet glass of Nebbiolo or Barbera or whatever European red you like. Maybe you have a snack plate of Salumeria-selected cheese & salumi next to you & you are studying your ‘Vino Italiano’ wine bible.

Even the newish music on this mix sounds inspired by the Old World, in the best way ever. Now that I look at the playlist, most of this music is American and not made in Europe. So the wine reference just has to do with semantics, and not substance. And most of this music is not very old at all. So let’s consider “Old World” a ‘best of’ fun rock/soul music that we can say- with confidence- will always bring us joy.

Little Wings is the best. He is local or he used to be. Check out his other albums, too. And have you heard of the Rolling Stones? The second best!

Kate carefully curates all the music you can hear when you visit us at flour + water, central kitchen and salumeria. So if you’ve often enjoyed the beats with your bites, this is the page for you.

Take a look at the bites we’ve been loving all week here, here and here.

Hop over here to subscribe to Katie’s playlist on spotify.

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