For The Weekend – Queen Bee

central kitchen playlist, queen bee

Just in time for the weekend, here’s this week’s playlist from our music director, Katie Mathis.

Kate carefully curates all the music you can hear when you visit us at flour + water, central kitchen and salumeria. So if you’ve often enjoyed the beats with your bites, this is the page for you.

Over to Katie for a few words about what inspired this playlist.

Queen Bee is a playlist I inspired by Ne Timeas beekeeper & my good friend, Niki Shelley. I went about creating the playlist with the bee theme in mind, so some of the choices are obvious interpretations. Local artist Thao Nguyen is an early evening favorite at the restaurants and her 2008 album “We Brave Bee Stings & All”  sets the vibe.

The playlist name references a song from Devendra Banhart’s album “Cripple Crow” – a gorgeous album dripping in honey. Gardens & Villas self-titled debut from 2011 makes me feel like I am a bee nibbling on San Franciscan flora. And let it be known that Ne Timeas is never too good for a mildly cheesy album (but-actually-we-know-all-the-words-and-it-makes-our-hearts-swell) such as Van Morrison’s “Moondance” .

Niki once told me the only Rolling Stones album she likes is “Exile on Main Street.” I make her suffer through a lot of other Stones’ albums, so thought I would oblige her favorite here, front and center. Niki also likes Spoon AND she is the person who introduced me to Beach House when I started working at f+w a few years ago.

Thanks Niki Shelley! You’re a fantastic beekeeper and person, too. xoxo, me, Mathis”


Bites and beats, is there a better pairing? Take a look at this week’s bites herehere and here.
Hop over here to subscribe to Katie’s playlist on spotify.

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