sourced cities

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having Chantelle Grady with us for an afternoon. Chantelle is a designer and photographer from Australia currently living in Toronto who is creating a series of city guides. When I received her email asking if she could come in to take a few pictures, I immediately hopped over to her blog and was blown away by her unique style and phenomenal pictures. Chantelle explained she was heading to San Francisco to shoot her first city guide and we happily gave her a tour of flour + water, central kitchen and salumeria. She went up to the dough room for a quick lesson on how to roll out pizza dough with Michelle, then she went behind the scenes at central kitchen and salumeria where she got to see the team jarring honey and mustard.

Here are a few of Chantelle’s beautiful pictures and make sure you check out her Sourced Cities travel guide. It’s quite possibly the most beautiful San Francisco guide I’ve seen.

pizza prep in the dough room

pizza prep in the dough room, flour + water

granola at salumeria

making mustard at central kitchen

all images courtesy of Sourced Cities

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