Tagliatelle, Tomato, Beans & Pesto

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be guinea pig for our first Weekend Pasta Project.

Every Saturday and Sunday, salumeria will sell limited quantities of flour + water pasta kits.

Each pasta kit will contain

  • fresh pasta (run straight over from flour + water’s dough room)
  • fresh pasta sauce
  • a recipe card
  • a suggested wine pairing (also sold in salumeria)

First up, we had fresh tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, shelling beans with pesto, which sounded delicious.

One of the many things I love about flour + water pasta dishes is the simplicity of ingredients that create insanely delicious meals. I’ve seen the team hard at work in the Dough Room many a day, I’ve had amazing dinners in the restaurant many a time, so on a relaxed evening at home, I decided to bring some work home in the best possible way and put my culinary skills to the test.

Now, I’m no Chef. My culinary skills are somewhat challenged (don’t tell Chef). My primary experience in a professional kitchen is standing at the pass taking lots of pictures for twitter and facebook. So it was with great delight that I saw the instructions were made for people like me and are very simple and straightforward. The pasta kit contained a bag of fresh tagliatelle from flour + water, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, a small block of parmesan, a small jar of pesto and a handful of shelling beans. I didn’t need anything other than water and salt which was great. And easy.

the weekend pasta project

shelling beans

shelling beans love

tagliatelle & pesto, flour + water

cherry tomatoes

tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, shelling beans & pesto

tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, shelling beans & pesto, flour + water

tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, shelling beans & pesto, flour + water, salumeria

And voila, dinner is served.

The end result was delicious. It took about 10 minutes from start to finish, on a scale of 1 to 10 from easy to hard, I’d say it was a 1…so, so easy. The fresh pasta with the housemade pesto was light years above and beyond anything that could possibly come out of a box or jar. If anything, this experience has made me a lot more interested in learning how to make pasta from scratch in a pasta class, the results of fresh pasta at home, really are that good.

I would highly recommend this as a simple and tasty meal to make for yourself, for a date or get a few kits, call a few friends and make it a dinner party. Every weekend will have a different pasta kit so there are lots of delicious delights in store which I will be sharing every single week. Chef just told me that this Weekend’s Pasta Project is likely to be tagliatelle, hen ragu, summer squash & chili. Now that is enough to get me up and out bright and early on a Saturday to make sure I get my mitts on a kit.

Each Weekend Pasta Project also comes with a recommended wine pairing, and while you’re in salumeria stock up on a few sweet treats for dessert. Good food, good wine, sweet treats. Sounds like the perfect night in.

p.s. I would love to hear your experiences of The Weekend Pasta Project so tweet about it and post it on facebook!

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