view from the inside – meet our extern Magda

An initiative we have in place that is very important to Chef Thomas is our externship program. He feels very strongly about making sure we open our doors to the young, aspiring chefs that want to learn mnore about how we do what we do.

Magda, came to us from CCA (California Culinary Academy) and she was fantastic. From the little love letter she posted on  the inside of our door when she left, this love was mutual. (Quite a few of you swooned with us on twitter and facebook when I posted a picture of this letter).

magda's note

I caught up with Magda to lean a little more about the lovely lass.

What made you want to join the team at flour+water?

 The extensive variety of pastas and the changing daily menu. I always had an interest in the Italian cuisine, and this stage was a great step in learning more about the Italian culture, food, and history.

Where were you and what were you doing before?

I was studying at CCA while working at an Italian specialty café in downtown San Francisco, where I was prepping and assembling high quality salads and sandwiches.

How long will you be at flour+water?

6 weeks

What were the main things you worked on?

Preparing the mise en place for the day’s production.  Prepping properly is an integral part of the team’s success and cohesion during service.

Best part of your day at flour+water?

Arriving to work and having a list by my station with my assigned projects, because it gave me a sense of direction for the day with what needed to be done and how much. Even the smallest herb counts.

Worst part of your day at flour+water?

The worst part of my day at flour+water was cleaning up my station to leave for the day. Oh, and also arriving late for family lunch!

What’s the one thing you learnt here that will stick with you?

To keep pushing. Not literally, (of course) but to always anticipate your next move in order to succeed.

What’s your favorite menu item to cook?

The agnolotti dal plin!! This continues to be my favorite filling there is to a pasta and it is also very practical with the use of ingredients.

What are you looking forward to ordering when you come in for dinner?

Everything! But if I had to choose one, it would have to be the carbonara pizza. Simply because I’ve always been a fan of carbonara pasta and I’m sure flour+water’s interpretation will blow me away.

(note: our carbonara pizza is topped with pancetta, fava leaves, fontal, black pepper & egg emulsion)

What did you enjoy most about being in SF?

The diverse community and the bounty of products that are accessible locally.

Working with the team at flour+water really helped me learn a lot, everybody was very welcoming and everyone taught me something different everyday. I was really able to apply skills I have used before in school and also mastered new skills.

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