for the dads

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, here are a some quotes from a few members of our team about things they learned from their Dads.

Sophie (Retail Manager at salumeria): Always find the humor in any situation. It makes the hard ones in particular, a lot easier to deal with.

Paige (Cashier at salumeria): Always do what makes you happy. It’s not always about the money, which is one of those things people say when they learned the long way.

Yarrow (Cashier at salumeria): In relationships, make no excuses, no compromises. Especially as we all get older. Always feel the freedom to be honest. Family is the most important thing.

Niki (Server at flour + water): He shared his secret formula with me on how to bet on the winning horse.

Emily (Special Events for NeTimeas Restaurant Group): Clean your dishes as you cook! Nobody wants to clean up the kitchen after an Italian family is done eating. And never be fooled by a skinny person when you’re thinking about portion size.

Ruth (Hostess at flour + water): My dad taught me how to save money. With every paycheck (on payday), put 10% in savings, give 10% as tidings, pay your bills and anything that necessary then the rest is yours to spend as you want. Great advice as I’m pretty good with money.

Tim (Server at flour + water): My Dad taught me the basics of how to make any meal taste good. Even with the most basic ingredients, a little imagination, a little creative flair and you can still whip up a good meal.

Jen (Server at flour + water): How to make a funny joke bad!

Tara (Assistant for NeTimeas Restaurant Group): He taught me how to play records. He had loads of vinyl when I was growing up so I knew how to read the lines of vinyl before I knew how to play CDs.

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