a few minutes with lisa lu, pastry chef at central kitchen

lisa lu

central kitchen is just coming up to one month old and I managed to catch up with our pastry chef at central kitchen, for a few minutes.

What appealed to you about joining the team at central kitchen?

The strong team and the philosophy behind the restaurant. Their focus on sustainability, seasonality and supporting local farmer’s are all ideals very close to my heart. I have a lot of respect for Chef Thomas and Chef Michael’s style and work ethos too.

What inspired the career change from Interior Architecture to being a Pastry Chef?

In my free time I found myself drawn to baking as a way to unwind. I did a lot of experimental work with chocolate and soon I was being booked to create desserts and cakes for weddings. That piqued my curiosity enough to switch careers…which was also around the same time the dot com bubble burst so it was a fortunately well timed move.

How would you describe your signature style or dish?

Fun, whimsical, playful and tastes sinfully good! I try to stay away from the idea of a signature dish so I keep challenging myself to create new wonders, but I’d say my use of chocolate and fresh fruit has become something special for me. And I’m always working on new and exciting ways to pair the combination.

What’s your candy of choice from a grocery store?

Ritter Sport. Hazelnut Chocolate.

What do you do to unwind in San Francisco?

I love to go for a run on the city streets. Every day is a little bit different on the wonderful streets of SF. And yoga, that always helps me relax.

What are your favorite places to go in San Francisco?

For Lunch: Tony’s Pizza.

For Dinner: Citizen’s Band.

For Dessert: Absinthe for any of Bill’s desserts,

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