it’s timmy!

tim carr

Always with a pep in his step, a smile on his face and some of the snazziest pants in town, Tim Carr is a joy to have on the team. His upbeat personality and ease with interacting with diners make him a much yelped and tweeted about favorite on the restaurant floor at flour + water.

Having been drawn to the stage early in life, his theatrical influence is apparent when he’s performing live. Those who were lucky enough to see him Shake His Kaboose on a Friday Night at The De Young Museum, were treated to a performance that was full of energy, peppered with humor and the inimitable combination of his soulful voice and highkicks against the multicolored backdrop, was a spectacle to behold. So we were all delighted to see that Tim Carr was picked out as The Best Local Musician in this month’s 7×7 magazine!

I sat down with our resident chanteuse to get a little insight into the wheres, whens and whats of his life in San Francisco.

What are your favorite places to go in San Francisco?

For Brunch: Dear Mom. The menu changes regularly but I’m always a fan of any combination of eggs, sausage and potatoes. It’s the Irish in me.

For Lunch: Nopalito. I usually get the carnitas with an awesome margharita.

For Dinner: Schmidt’s. Anything and everything. The schnitzel, they have a very impressive selection of sausage.

For cocktails: Shotwell’s. It’s my favorite neighborhood spot. They have a great beer selection and easy, friendly vibe makes it feel like Cheers. Or the Orbit Room for the fantastic bartenders that create innovative cocktails. The Hideout is always a winner. The bar within a bar that manages to always fly under most radars.

For a 1st Date: A hike in Glen Park and if that’s gone well, onto drinks at The Blackbird.

For an anniversary:I’d probably want to stay home. And I’d cook one of my famous Carr Curries.

Adventures in SF: Grab my backpack, put on some comfortable shoes and explore a different part of town I don’t know that well or haven’t spent time in recently. My most recent daytime adventure was in the Financial District. If you don’t work around there, its easy enough to almost forget we have this busy, bustling business district.
Adventures outside SF: Mendocino, Tomales Bay or Capitola.

Find out more about Tim and his music here.

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